Gun For Hire (shelved)

High-poly character for cinematic.

Character based on concept by Eve Ventrue.


This character has been shelved at it's current state due to inactivity.

Character is currently in the look development and texturing process, requiring further texture painting and shader development. Character and gun were modelled in Maya and Zbrush. Textures were painted in Photoshop and MARI (gun). Look development/shading done in 3Ds Max.

Skin shader has not been developed, gun shaders and textures are preliminary. Further shader finessing, detailing and grunge is required overall to complete this piece.

Rendered with V-Ray.


High-poly prop for cinematic.

Rendered in KeyShot 5.

Gun based on multiple variants of H&K G36 assault rifle. Stock based on PMG 338 sniper rifle.                  

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Character - The character was blocked out in Maya, starting with a human base mesh. Subdivision poly-modelling was used in Maya to create a smooth shape for all of the assets. The cloth accessories and face were then sculpted in ZBrush. Textures were created in Photoshop with projections in MARI. Look dev and shading were done in 3Ds Max.

Gun - The gun was subdivision poly-modelled in Maya. And preliminary textures created in MARI.